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This a reproduction game, so you will get a new high-quality CD-R (with colored silk-screen printing), in a new black jewel case (with colored covers on glossy cardboard), without manual, inside a new transparent film case.

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Tryrush Deppy is a 2D platformer which plays similarly to Sonic and Mario games. The player controls a cartoony-looking taxi cab and has to get past various levels mostly set in urban environments. Some enemies can be defeated by simply jumping on them, but others have spikes and fire on their body, so in order to defeat them the player must use the Super Dash move, which grants an increased speed for a short amount of time. The super dash meter takes away gas, but it is possible to charge it up as much as one wants until it maxes out. In addition to killing enemies and bosses, super dashing can also break down certain walls that lead to secret items. Bosses each have a weak point somewhere on their body that is seen just before the battle begins.

Tryrush Deppy was released exclusively in Japan. Deppy is the middle of a coast-to-coast race across the United States of America, represented as a series of platformer stages in various regions. There are two stages per region, with a boss fight at the end of the second.

The game is notorious for being one of the rarest games available for the system. Copies regularly sell in excess of $200.

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